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I am an award-winning Creative with 15 years of entrepreneurial success. I strive to combine exceptional storytelling with an expertise in writing/producing, directing, editorial, animation. The Executive MBA I completed at NYU Stern in 2016 doesn’t hurt either.

I am an interdisciplinary leader comfortable managing teams across industry verticals - film, television, or branded content. My short films have screened  internationally at Lincoln Center, the Independent Film Channel, the Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), the Museum of Popular Art (Rome), LACMA, and are included in the permanent collection of the San Francisco MOMA. 

I believe honest collaboration is king, it all begins with the written word, and she who writes the checks is ultimately in charge. I make what inspires me and I hope I inspire others to make. When not on set, in meetings or a dark windowless editing bay, you can usually find me in the boxing ring taking a refresher course on some of life’s deeper lessons.



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