Directing this music video for artist Laura Escude’s music project Alluxe was an international adventure in and of itself. Shot on location in Prague, I collaborated with Czech Producer/Choreographer Yemi AD, known for his work with Kanye West, his dancers, and a local parkour troupe whose wall running abilities certainly came in handy as we trespassed derelict abandoned communist factories looking for the perfect apocalyptic location. We brought in a costume designer from Slovakia and worked with local crews through Yemi’s company, JAD productions. A truly unique project, this was one for the books!



Until the Sun Comes Up is a bold, all-access feature documentary profiling the DJs and producers behind electronic dance music. Like jazz, blues, and hip-hop, dance music is an urban American movement. The sound traveled around the world, eventually evolving to create multiple sub-genres known collectively today as “EDM.”

Principal production took place over 2015 and 2016 in LA, NY, Detroit, London, Berlin & Paris, following musicians who live and breathe this movement. The project is currently in the second stage of funding for finishing.



When Skrillex set out for his Mothership Tour in 2012, he already had a huge metal UFO to serve as his DJ booth, he just needed tour visuals to complement the stage show. Befitting the theme, we pitched a real out of this world concept: a 60+ minute remixable narrative film exploring 8 unique alien landscapes. In just 5 short weeks I assembled a team of 13 CG specialist to create the visuals, which I then matched to specific BPMs within the set to give concert goers an interstellar experience, molly not required. I also got to make a twerking fembot which is the official highlight of my career as an animation director.