I love making network promos, especially when I get to play with footage from action movies I’ve seen WAAAYYYY too many times or reworking a new season of a beloved TV comedy. It’s always a blast getting to remix existing footage into something familiar but still surprising— something that can cut through boring commercials and give television viewers something great to look forward to. I’ve produced and overseen editorial for a number of networks including FX, FXX, TV Land, and TNT. Check out some of my favs below.



Great design is an integral part of great storytelling— and outstanding series packaging can become as memorable as the show itself. From show opens to in-episode animations, creating a distinct style that channels a project’s identity is essential to connecting with viewers. As post producer, I’ve collaborated with some fantastic designers who’ve not only created custom show opens and animations but also various types of templates and toolkits that allow editors and producers to create assets as the shows evolve. My recommendation would be to lay off the “skip intro” button every now and again.